Omnant empowers success for leading laboratories
that serve the building and construction industry

Streamline every process from project scheduling and inspection reporting to certification tracking and quality control. Become better organized and gain valuable insights into your business with our specialized software that's adaptable, scalable, and easy to use. Available from any device with a browser, Omnant lets your team access critical information in real-time whether they are in the office, lab, or field.

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Why Omnant?

Field & Lab Management Software for leading edge laboratories.

Omnant was created by professional engineers with decades of experience in the construction material testing and geotechnical fields. Designed for laboratories of all sizes, Omnant addresses all your lab needs in one simple solution

Every aspect has been thoughtfully built and implemented to meet today's demanding standards. Though already populated with everything you need to take your analog business digital, each form and process can be easily adapted and customized to match your existing internal processes. Stop putting out fires and embrace cutting-edge software that lets you get back to running a productive testing lab.

Cutting Edge

Implemented with the newest technology to enable your business.

Mobile Ready

Designed with flexibility to use on any device.


Thoughtfully designed and laid out to maximize user efficency.


Customizable and configurable to work the way you do.

Access a suite of digital solutions ready to work for you

Tested daily through daily use by hundreds of testing professionals, Omnant has a proven solution you can rely on to increase your team's efficiency and keep your clients informed.


Intuitive and interconnected! Keeping management, technicians, and clients on the same page has never been easier.

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Inspection Reporting

From the technician's initial work to manager review and client distribution, the system guides the user through the process.

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Lab Testing & Reporting

Allow your lab manager and staff to easily track lab samples, enabling them to get results where they are needed faster than ever before.

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Project Management

Organize and track information and documents for your ongoing projects. Configure distribution settings for various report types.

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Document Control Log

Maintain compliance on internal documents and processes with routine reviews and notifications that assist your QC department and meet rigorous accreditation reviews.

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Equipment Tracking

Need to know where a piece of equipment is located? What about calibrations? Do this and more with all your assets in one place.

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Personnel Tracking & Permissions

From time off, expenses, and timesheets to dispatch routing, you and your team can record activity in one place, streamlining each user's display only to show what's important for them.

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Certification Tracking

Track your users' accreditation and project certifications and be notified of upcoming renewals before it is too late.

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Quality System

Easily track and maintain your quality system and make those R18 and AASHTO reviews a piece of cake.

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Revolutionize accreditation: Our cutting-edge software supports these services and streamlines compliance.

Our forms and processes have been built to meet your requirements without bogging you down with the red tape of documentation, allowing you to focus on providing the best service to your clients.

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