About Us

Empowering success for construction materials testing and
geotechnical projects beyond the lab

Welcome to Omnant Technologies, a leading provider of cutting-edge field and laboratory testing software. Our unique cloud-based platform was designed by professional engineers and technology enthusiasts who saw the need for a modern approach to materials testing in the construction and geotechnical industries.

With innovative, user-centric solutions that streamline processes, automate workflows, and ensure compliance, we help leading laboratories increase productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction at every stage of a construction project.

By harnessing the power of our proven technology, business owners, geotechnical engineers, project managers, lab technicians, field technicians, and entire project teams can confidently make informed decisions, resulting in safer, more durable, and cost-effective structures.

Where We Came From

Our journey began in 2003 when a fourth-generation, family-run testing lab grew weary of the challenge of maintaining calibration dates on laboratory equipment amid stacks of files and paperwork. The transition from traditional methods such as notebook lab test lists, Excel sheet cylinder break lists, and three-part field reports to digital systems marked our initial steps toward modernization.

As we evolved, it became apparent that our in-house solution possessed unique features and integrations not found elsewhere in the market. Thus, Omnant was conceived. Refined over more than a decade through daily use by a commercial testing lab, our software has been field-tested and proven reliable. We remain dedicated to enhancing efficiency, ensuring accuracy, and continually optimizing day-to-day operations for our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

User-focused, intuitive design: We understand that user experience is key. Our simple, easy-to-understand interface minimizes the learning curve and maximizes productivity, even for the most tech-adverse inspectors.

Innovative technology: Our software leverages the latest technological advancements to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in materials testing management.

Integration: With the ability to integrate with laboratory equipment or accounting and payroll software, we pride ourselves on maximizing efficiency while maintaining accuracy. Data need not be entered multiple times, simplifying and streamlining workflows.

Customization: Whether you are managing small-scale projects, are part of a team on a supertall high-rise, or are simply acting as the lab of record, our software solutions can be customized and scaled to meet your organization's specific needs.

Cost-effective, transparent pricing: You only pay for the number of corporate users required (client distribution users are always free).

Commitment to excellence: From software development and training to customer support, we continually strive to exceed our clients' expectations.

Leadership Team

Chad Dunham

Senior Software Engineer

Chad has specialized in creating custom software solutions for over 20 years. As an accomplished software engineer, his experience across diverse industries ranges from POS solutions to high-security commodities exchanges. Setting him apart from most developers, Chad brings a unique perspective as a former ACI Level 1 concrete inspector, where he spent summer days at the back end of concrete trucks engaged in debates about water additives. He holds bachelor of science degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Walt Flood

Product Use Specialist

Walt has been immersed in the world of construction and material testing since childhood, fostering a perpetual quest for innovation. Whether developing cutting-edge, high-modulus concrete mixes in the lab or performing in-situ pressure meter tests in the field, he consistently seeks avenues to improve routine processes and eliminate avoidable challenges that detract from the essence of material testing. With a professional background in geotechnical engineering, Walt understands the daily balance of ensuring technician and client satisfaction while upholding confidence in testing accuracy. Among other accolades, Walt is a past board member and frequent speaker for the American Concrete Institute. He also serves as subcommittee chair on ASTM Committee C09.