Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Tired of spending specious hours of your time hunting for the last person that used that special piece of equipment? In Forthsite, equipment can be assigned to individuals, projects, or locations with historical records of everywhere it has been. Forthsite enables more than just tracking where your equipment is, it also reminds you about upcoming maintenance needs before you find out that piece of equipment should have been calibrated last week. Also, unlike other solutions that make you pay more for each asset you have, there is no limit to the amount of equipment you can track in Forthsite with no increase to your cost.

Forthsite goes to the next level by allowing you to store additional information that is quickly accessible to your end users about the equipment. Never need to hunt for that user manual again or try to remember which company is your preferred maintenance vendor for a type of equipment. Additionally, scheduling equipment to be picked up and dropped off at a job site, a technician, or back at your lab is integrated with the scheduling features of Forthsite.


  • Record Equipment and other Assets
  • Track Equipment Check-ins and outs
  • Be Notified of Upcoming Maintenance Needs
  • Record Data specific for each piece of Equipment
  • Easy Scheduling of Equipment for Pickups and Drop Offs

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