Inspection Reporting

Inspection Reporting

Forthsite closely ties inspection reports to scheduling to help your technicians keep informed about reports that are needed for each project. With an extensive listing of inspection type specific reports, all of your techinicians will be guided through creating and submitting the reports into your office. Forthsite's convenient web-based platform ensures that technicians can fill out and submit reports real-time directly from the project using any device. Permissing options include the ability for technicians to directly transmit preliminary reports to the project team immediately. Managers can see the each report's status for the projects that they care about, and communicate efficiently on any issues to allow the technician to correct and resubmit reports.

Distribution for your project's reports is controlled through our project management features and readily visible during the review and approval processes. Unlike other systems, there is no limit to the size or breadth of the project routing: sending only to your client, send to the 30-person project team, or even re-issue a report only to a specific individual - all from any device.

While Forthsite comes with a library of standardized reporting, it also allows you to have reports that match your current "look and feel". The system is extremely flexible in allowing you to have exactly the data fields that you need that match your requirements for each step of the inspection process.


  • Inspection Specific Reports
  • Helpful reminders to technicians about necessary reports
  • Status boards to keep informed about reports
  • Custom reporting formats
  • Distribution and revision tracking

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