Lab Testing & Reporting

Lab Testing & Reporting

With Forthsite's lab testing and reporting solutions, your lab manager will see a marked improvement in lab efficiency and productivity. From status boards to historical analysis reports, Forthsite allows you to be in command of your data and provide your clients with the reporting that they are looking for. Distribution for your project's reports is controlled through our project management features and readily visible during the review and approval processes. Assign specific technicians to lab tests, and track their progress through testing and reporting. Easily revise previous reports to include updated information without needing to issue separately. Forthsite allows you to track your specimens from initial sample location all the way through the disposal.

While Forthsite comes with a library of standardized reporting, it also allows you to have reports that match your current "look and feel". The system is extremely flexible in allowing you to have exactly the data fields that you need that match your requirements for each step of the testing process.


  • Track Lab Specimens through the testing process
  • Assign specific technicians for testing and reporting
  • Sample testing for a range of testing standards
  • Custom reporting formats
  • Historical Analysis of specimen and materials

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