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Omnant Technologies Launches Specialized Field and Lab Management Software for the Construction and Geotechnical Industries

New Omnant Technologies software helps laboratories modernize lab operations and improve efficiency

Omnant Technologies, a technology company focused on helping leading laboratories improve their construction material testing operations, is pleased to introduce its software. The field and lab management software will enable more geotechnical engineers, project managers, technicians, and other professionals to adopt a digital workflow for increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

“With today’s construction materials management challenges and critical project deadlines, laboratories need the best and most efficient way to optimize their field and lab operations,” said Chad Dunham, Omnant Technologies Managing Partner, and Senior Software Engineer. “Our software was developed by professional engineers who saw the need for a modern and centralized approach to construction materials testing,” Dunham stated. “Our highly specialized and robust SaaS platform offers a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of customizable tools that empower laboratories to make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data.”

Our software was developed by professional engineers who saw the need for a modern and centralized approach to construction materials testing.

– Chad Dunham

Key features of Omnant Technologies software include:

  • Scheduling – Daily activity is interconnected and organized, keepingmanagement, technicians, and clients on the same page.
  • Inspection Reporting – Convenient, guided process with extensive inspection-specific reports ensures timely completion, review, and distribution.
  • Lab Testing & Reporting – Lab managers and their staff can easily track lab samples and get results faster than before.
  • Project Management – Information and documents are easily organized and tracked for ongoing projects while controlling distribution settings.
  • Document Control Log – Maintaining compliance on internal documents and processes is simplified with routine reviews and notifications that assist QC departments.
  • Equipment Tracking – Teams can easily track equipment and assets, record specific data, and get notified about upcoming maintenance needs.
  • Personnel Tracking & Permissions – Employee dispatch routing, time sheets, time off, and expenses are all managed with user-based permissions to properly control access.
  • Certification Tracking – Employees’ accreditations and certifications can be tracked with notifications of upcoming renewals.
  • Quality System – Built-in version tracking helps stay on top of quality system improvements and modifications to maintain competency as an accredited laboratory.

“Having worked in the material and testing environment for decades before developing our software, our team is excited to show laboratory managers and project leaders the intuitive functionality of our software solution,” remarked Walt Flood, Managing Partner, and Product Use Specialist at Omnant Technologies. “For those trying a demo of our software or taking the first step to using it, they will see how easy the transition is to a digital workflow, especially one that is specifically tailored for their laboratory,” Flood added.

Omnant cloud-based software is mobile-ready from any device. It is available on a subscription basis with flexible corporate licensing fees and the industry’s largest allotment of data storage.

For more information regarding Omnant Technologies software, please visit or call (312) 436-1529.

About Omnant Technologies: Omnant Technologies is an industry-leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of precision workflow solutions for the architecture, engineering, and construction markets. The technology-driven company serves accredited laboratories that provide a range of construction material testing and consulting services. Businesses using Omnant’s field and lab management software increase productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction while reducing risk. For more information about Omnant Technologies, visit